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The Importance of Continuing Education on The Confetti Hour Podcast

Continuing education is vital to any profession. Brea McDonald and I started Relevant Workshop as a way to bring all creative wedding professionals together for a day of inspiration, education, and engagement which will elevate our wedding industry and strive to keep us relevant in our craft. We were honored ...

Continuing Education

Real Weddings

NYC Wedding Film wins a Lucent Award for “Best Picture”

This NYC Wedding won Best Picture! “Lucent by definition means, brilliant, radiant, luminous, bright, emitting, and reflecting light in large amounts.  Certainly the winners tonight have met or exceed the definition. The Lucent Award is the celebrating of this independent storytelling spirit. A time to honor those who have inspired, ...

Continuing Education, InFocus, NYC

Filmmaker Education

Meg Presents at POSH Retreat

Reflecting back on 2012 there is much to be thankful for… wonderful couples, my health, the sunshine. The list could go on. I’m going to focus on my experience  speaking at POSH Retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona back in November. This took me on a pretty awesome personal journey. I was able ...

Continuing Education, POSH Retreat

Maine Wedding Photographers

Meg's Adventures

Maine Wedding Photographers – 3 Years Later

Grateful for the opportunity to meet so many Maine Wedding Photographers. Reflecting on the past few years I always find myself going back to a few key moments in my business where something happened that has changed my life for the best. April 3, 2008 was one of “those days.” Emilie ...

Continuing Education

Featured In

Featured In

Featured On: Blade Ronner – The Blog of Ron Dawson

Being featured on the blog of Ron Dawson. I still can’t believe the response I got on FaceBook + Twitter with the video I posted from last weeks  IN[FOCUS] event in Austin, TX. Author of my new favorite industry book, “Refocus: Cutting-Edge Strategies to Evolve Your Video Business” and absolute ...

Continuing Education

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