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Reflecting back on 2012 there is much to be thankful for… wonderful couples, my health, the sunshine. The list could go on. I’m going to focus on my experience  speaking at POSH Retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona back in November. This took me on a pretty awesome personal journey. I was able to connect and work with Executive Life Coach Heather Robertson of Bold Arrival. We met in Colorado but ironically she planned her wedding in my home town before I knew her. Long story short, she was instrumental in preparing me for the podium to present two different days. I also have to thank the Moultonboro Toastmasters group for their support too. There are many more photos and stories from POSH that I hope to post if I have time (if I’m not skiing). The other speakers were incredible in addition to our morning yoga sessions, belly dancing, hands on training, and group meals. It was an action packed four days to say the least. None of this would be possible without the extensive planning from POSH Founders Jen Moon of Northernlight Filmworks and Reagan Zugelter of Studio Z Films.

I’m not an overly “bloggy” person, as I would rather be shushing the slopes then spending more time behind the computer rambling about my life. If you want to know more about my experience at POSH we can talk on skype or buy me a Chai Late with Soy or Almond Milk and I’ll give you the full story :) It was AWESOME!

All images courtesy of Brea McDonald Photography

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