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Maine Barns Wedding Venue

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Home Video vs Modern Wedding Film

“I want my wedding video to feel like a home video. I don’t need any shots of the rings or dress, that’s what my photographer is for.”  – prospective client This is what I recently heard from a couple inquiring about my services and I immediately had to write it ...

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Photo of my grandparents

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How to include grandparents who can’t physically make the trip to your wedding?

“My mom loved the videos and said it was like being there, only easier. Thank you so much for making a 98-year-old able to participate.” – A quote from a recent uncle who shared the ceremony and toasts with the grandmother of the bride. It’s common to have grandparents or ...

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Wedding Flower Preservation

What is wedding flower preservation? Have you always wondered “How can I preserve my wedding flowers?”  One of my favorite parts of co-hosting Relevant Workshop for wedding professionals is meeting stand-out “wildflowers” – unique wedding vendors and offerings. I was introduced to Linda at Flora-ly and my heart is “blooming” ...

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80th Birthday Tribute Film – Preserving a Legacy

This 80th birthday tribute film was a favorite project of 2020 spearheaded by my friend Christine. She had the idea, the interviews lined up, and I stepped in to film a few in person interviews and edit the project together. This is a memorable way to approach celebrating a major ...

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Your permission slip to elope! Meg tells all on Lake Life Realty – Live with the Locals

Micro weddings, mini-monies, elopements… if you are looking for a permission slip to forgo the big wedding, this is it! Watch at 17:15 as I tell all! Thanks to The Lake Life Realty team for having me on “Live with the Locals” (FUN FACT: Brie and Stephanie are both former clients ...

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The Importance of Continuing Education on The Confetti Hour Podcast

Continuing education is vital to any profession. Brea McDonald and I started Relevant Workshop as a way to bring all creative wedding professionals together for a day of inspiration, education, and engagement which will elevate our wedding industry and strive to keep us relevant in our craft. We were honored ...

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The Importance of Professional Audio For Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

If you are having an outdoor ceremony, professional audio is imperative to your guest’s experience. There is nothing more awkward than watching a stunning outdoor ceremony take place in the most memorable of locations but looking around at the guests faces as they strain their necks or cock their heads ...


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Newlywed Regrets

Newlywed regrets are real! After surveying 750 newly engaged and newlywed couples about their biggest wedding wins and regrets, online registry site Zola, found that over ⅓ of couples wish they had hired a videographer. That’s 35%! A wedding film is an investment you will be glad you made. 1. ...

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Wedding Film Testimonials

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The Importance of a Wedding Video

The importance of a wedding video cannot be underestimated. “I had my wedding video taped in 1992. My father passed away a few years later, and this is the only footage that I have of him. My father gave a very touching speech at my wedding, which still reduces me ...

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Custom Wedding Skis

Looking for custom wedding skis? And I’m not talking about a “shot-ski” haha! If you have a love for skiing or are planning a winter wedding this may be the perfect wedding gift for each other. Custom Wedding Skis from Community Skis, a custom ski manufacturer based in Mammoth Lakes, ...


Church Landing Summer Wedding

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Wedding films at Church Landing and the Inns and Spa at Mill Falls

Considering celebrating your wedding in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire provides ample opportunity no matter what the season. Church Landing and Mill Falls at The Lake is by far the region’s most sought-after wedding destination. With multiple properties, restaurants, and price points to choose from, the one thing that remains constant ...

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NH Wedding Officiant Kim The JP

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Q&A with Kim The JP – NH Justice of the Peace

Kim The JP – 8 questions with a Justice of the Peace: 1. How long have you been a Justice of the Peace and how/why did you become one?I was a Notary Public as part of my job. I attended a friends wedding in the White Mountains and they had ...

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