Why hire a wedding videographer? Learn why Meg Simone is one of the most loved wedding filmmakers in New England.
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“At first, we were hesitant to hire a videographer given that we had already hired a fantastic photographer. In hindsight, hiring Meg was one of the best decisions we made. The video she produced captures a perfect balance of storytelling and touching memories and provided us a chance to see so many of our guests’ interactions and details that we otherwise would not have been able to see. Additionally, Meg’s warm presence and endearing personality make her wonderful to have around on your wedding day. I have no doubt that we will continue watching our video for years to come and cannot wait to share it with the next generation of our family so they can hear the voices of the older generations and see the passion our families and friends brought to our wedding weekend. Thank you, Meg — I have not stopped recommending you to friends; you truly are one of a kind.”

Bri & Grant


Meg’s warm personality and conscientious approach to shooting makes her a gem of a filmmaker to work with! As a photographer it’s great to be shooting side by side with someone who shares a similar style for capturing the day. I love feeling like we are part of a team for our clients and I always get excited to see her finished product!

Brea McDonald Photography


There are so many special moments in the film of things we didn’t see or would have missed out on or wouldn’t have ever known about and it’s great that we’ll have them forever.”  –

Jill & Dan


Usually when I write to you I have just watched some or all of our film again and I get that super love struck feeling over and over and over.  Wow, film is so powerful!

Elizabeth & David


I have to say, 8 months after our wedding, that I still check your site almost daily! To say that hiring you was worth it is an understatement. Every time I watch our video highlight and vows, I re-live that magical day all over again. It means the world to us to have that moment in our lives on video, captured forever.

Lauren & Matt

It was the most amazing thing to see the day unfold again! I cherish having my grandfather and parents on video, as well as having the opportunity to show it to our children in the future. Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough.”

                        – Kim & Shawn


As a wedding photographer, it would be easy to argue that photos are the most important part of the day… but having a FILM of your wedding is truly a MUST! To see the day, hear the voices, hear the vows that you spoke. These are things that are so precious to have captured. Photos capture a moment in time, and Film captures time in motions- both amazing things to have!

   – Lisa Seaman McKendry, Story Lens Photography


You told our story in a way even we couldn’t have written. As a producer, I know sometimes a story can best be told from an outsider’s perspective but you observed and understood our story lines with the fresh eyes of a stranger and the understanding of a family member.

Anneke, 20/20 Producer


Your film makes it seem like this amazingly unique & romantic movie that no one has ever seen before! We have watched it like 50 times!!!

 – Kate + Mike


I can’t tell you the amount of people we have had tell us what a delight you were at the wedding and also that you blended in so well. Most people didn’t even know you were there. Thank you for doing such an amazing job!!

Katie & Eric


While we were watching the film Dave said, “This is like a real movie.” and I replied “It IS a real movie!

Caroline & Dave