Maine Wedding Photographers – 3 Years Later

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Maine Wedding Photographers
Maine Wedding Photographers

Grateful for the opportunity to meet so many Maine Wedding Photographers. Reflecting on the past few years I always find myself going back to a few key moments in my business where something happened that has changed my life for the best. April 3, 2008 was one of “those days.” Emilie Sommer of emilie inc photography invited me to the spring networking luncheon in Portland as part of the Maine Women Wedding Photographers luncheon. It was there I met Samantha Warren for the first time. Little did I know that she would in turn become a dear friend and ski buddy. Along with her husband Kyle; Sam, Dave, and I have officially ski raced two full seasons together at Shawnee Peak, and look forward to our weekly reunions throughout the winter months.  We also enjoy a few off piste meet ups as well, and the laughs never stop.

In addition to Sam, that day I met Jennifer Stone and Andree Kehn (Andree Kehn Wedding Photography) who I have now done a few weddings with each, and have enjoyed our on and off duty adventures. Dinner with Jen at the Moat, and a wedding promo video for Andree.

It was great to meet everyone that day, and I really have to thank emilie for being open to having a videographer attend. The friendships I made have been invaluable and most appreciated.

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