A wedding film that feels like you.

Prioritize a timeless wedding film that captures the real emotions and traditions that truly matter. Unlike fleeting social media trends, my work focuses on preserving the authentic people, stories, and meaningful details that will transport you (and should you choose, future generations) back in time.

“The authenticity, the rawness, the personalities. My mom and I were basically screaming when we watched your videos because they were exactly what we were looking for. They’re all so genuine without any staging. We want the video to look and feel like us and I truly see us in your videos.”

Becca – Marblehead, MA Bride

I offer comprehensive wedding videography services, personally filming and editing a limited number of weddings each year.

My full wedding day coverage includes a feature film like those on the website, plus videos of all formalities and absolutely everything else I capture from the day or weekend.

Before providing a quote, I like to discuss your vision so I can tailor my services accordingly.

Most couples spend $10,000-$12,000 for single-day wedding film coverage.
Multi-day coverage starts at $12,800.
Not what you had in mind? Ask me about our sister company.

Preserve the moments that will become your legacy.

“My husband and I sat down on a Friday evening thinking we would just watch our feature film but ended up staying up to 2:00am laughing and crying as we watched the entire suite of videos.”

Taylor – Equinox VT, Bride

Don’t stay up at night worrying about your wedding.

Let me capture the authentic moments of your wedding day with empathy and discretion, portraying sensitive situations that arise with grace and care.

Whether aging parents facing cognitive decline, a deceased loved one’s absence, or tricky family dynamics – I approach this with understanding and thoughtfulness.

Most of all, as an extra lens on your day I ease worries so you can focus and stay present in your moment.

Prouts Neck Granny

“Your ability to listen, empathize, and truly understand peoples’ sentiments is amazing. Then you transcend all of that and make a film that captures everything we ever wanted and couldn’t imagine. I would love to be able to convince any “doubters” out there that you are the answer to perfect memories. My heart is so full…thank you will never be enough.”

Bryn – Bar Harbor Club, Bride

Do you have grandparents and older relatives unable to make the journey?

I have you covered. As part of my creative process, I always edit the ceremony and formalities first. This means that within the first week after your wedding you can help those relatives feel like they were part of your celebration and let them relive the major moments and spoken words from your day.

“My grandmother wasn’t able to travel to be at the wedding but Meg somehow flipped the ceremony video so fast that it was ready for folks to show her as they stopped to visit on their way home from our weekend.”

Adrienne – Woodstock, VT Bride