How to include grandparents who can’t physically make the trip to your wedding?

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“My mom loved the videos and said it was like being there, only easier. Thank you so much for making a 98-year-old able to participate.” – A quote from a recent uncle who shared the ceremony and toasts with the grandmother of the bride.

Photo of my grandparents

It’s common to have grandparents or older relatives unable to attend your wedding. One way to make them feel like they are part of the day is to have the ceremony and speeches edited within a few days of your event so those relatives can relive the major milestones of the celebration.

Often a relative visits with said grandparents soon after the wedding, so it’s wonderful to make them feel young at heart and include them in your happy moments.

Lucky for you this is all built into my process, this doesn’t cost extra and you don’t need to rush order service.

Photo of my grandparents, who were unfortunately deceased before our family weddings, but I know how much they wished they could have lived longer to “see their grandkids marry” and were there in spirit.

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