Your permission slip to elope! Meg tells all on Lake Life Realty – Live with the Locals

Micro weddings, mini-monies, elopements… if you are looking for a permission slip to forgo the big wedding, this is it! Watch at 17:15 as I tell all!

Thanks to The Lake Like Realty team for having me on “Live with the Locals” (FUN FACT: Brie and Stephanie are both former clients of mine 🙂

☀️ Tips to own a slice of the lake life: take your wedding budget for 150+ pp, change to a small gathering and property buy out for 25-50 (as rules allow) at intimate venues like Hardy Farm, The Barn At Autumn Lane, The Preserve At Chocorua and then take what you would have invested in that 150+ person celebration and apply it to a down payment on your new home! Interest rates are great right now 🤓 Later you can have an amazing party for your large guest list at your new home 🙂 #Thinkoutsidethebox