Why Meg
Why hire a wedding videographer? Learn why Meg Simone is one of the most loved wedding filmmakers in New England.
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why meg?

Because my films are…
memorable, engaging & genuine.

Twenty years in, I am grateful everyday for the couples who choose me to create their family heirloom while preserving the guest experience. I weave together sound and moving pictures in a timeless, relatable way, and can make even the most camera-wary feel at ease. Couples appreciate my home spun style. 


Meg is a filmmaker, speaker, and educator.

I’m lucky…

to have my grandparent’s wedding film from 1940!  It’s no more than three minutes, and there isn’t any natural sound, and I always wish there was more.


I want to see the excitement before the ceremony, I want to hear what they said to each other, I want to laugh along with the toasts, and see relatives celebrating with one another.


Three minutes is truly a treasure for the time period in which this was documented. Knowing what I miss about my own family heirloom has shaped the way in which I approach each wedding day.

Meg co-founded the Relevant Workshop in 2016 to provide continuing education to wedding professionals around New England. 

Your wedding film is powered by the sun! Meg’s office is 100% solar powered! 


Meg attended Camp Huckins for 10 years and knows how impactful the experience can be for cultivating confidence and leadership skills in young women. Every wedding brings Meg closer to her goal of donating a full scholarship to their organization.

“She was easy to work with, responsive and reliable on time-frames and pricing, and was just so much fun to be around. We wholeheartedly recommend her!” 

You told our story in a way even we couldn’t have written. You observed and understood our storylines with the fresh eyes of a stranger and the understanding of a family member.

Meg’s conscientious approach to shooting makes her a gem of a filmmaker to work with! I love feeling like we are part of a team for our clients and I always get excited to see her finished product!

“We were hesitant to hire a videographer given that we had already hired a fantastic photographer. In hindsight, hiring Meg was one of the best decisions we made. The video she produced captures a perfect balance of storytelling and touching memories and provided us a chance to see so many of our guests’ interactions and details that we otherwise would not have been able to see.  Thank you, Meg –  you truly are one of a kind.”

As a wedding photographer, it would be easy to argue that photos are the most important part of the day… but having a FILM of your wedding is truly a MUST! To hear the voices and vows that you spoke… Photos capture a moment in time, and Film captures time in motion.

With you behind the camera, I know our clients never feel like they are “in front” of it!”  

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