The POSH Retreat- Continuing Education for Wedding and Event Filmmakers

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Last week I was at The POSH Retreat for Female Event Filmmakers. They change locations every year, and this year’s workshops took place on a cruise. For any filmmakers that may follow me here, I can’t stress the importance of continuing education. If you are new and starting out and don’t have funds to do a national workshop look locally to your Professional Videographer Associations. Seek out small business workshops in your town that may be put on by the local SCORE chapter in your region. I highly recommend following The POSH Retreat (for women only) for information on next years event, and also IN[FOCUS] has their annual video event in Charleston, SC January 20-22nd, 2015 and the speaker line up is AWESOME! Here are a few quick photos. I’ll post more in my monthly recap! 

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