Relevant Workshop v2.0 – A Week Long Virtual Event

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Relevant Workshop covid pivot! This year was to be the 5th Annual Relevant Workshop on May 5th at the brand new Scotland Fields wedding venue in York, Maine. Well, we know how this story ends! Thankfully co-founder Brea McDonald and I made the decision to do what was most relevant “in this time” and embrace the opportunity to go virtual! We took our one-day, six-speaker event and created a week-long “summit” with thirteen presenters! We added in virtual networking opportunities on the platform, additional access to our presenters with Facebook Live “office hours” and replays of each session! It was more work than ever anticipated, but the silver lining for me was more time to interact with both speakers and attendees. In the single-day format I’m so busy MCing the event, and running around I don’t get quality time with my colleagues and peers. I’m grateful that we embraced technology to support and embolden our greater community during this time ❤️

Co-Founders Brea McDonald and Meg Simone enjoying Sweet B’s Ice-Cream at Relevant 2019. They hope to meet in person for ice-cream in 2020 ☀️

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