Reflections on a COVID era Wedding

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Covid era weddings are truly a moment in time. I am grateful for the couples who chose to document their day, not only so they could relive it but to allow all those guests who couldn’t be there in person to feel like they were part of the experience.

“Hiring a wedding videographer was a relatively last-minute decision for the two of us, and we had some reservations about whether it would be worth the money. Well, about a month after our wedding, we can officially say this: HIRE MEG! It was undoubtedly worth every penny. She painted such a beautiful, yet authentic, version of our love on film, capturing not just the images and events, but also the feeling of the day in an artful, intimate, and exquisitely filmed way.

In addition to being a great videographer, Meg is also a delightful person: Her presence on the wedding day was warm and respectful, and she was so easy to communicate with throughout the whole process. We have spent hours poring over the footage she provided us with, and especially given the pandemic and the significantly downsized day, we feel so privileged that because of Meg, we can share our day with our friends and familyand that we can relive it over and over again ourselves.”

– Pat & Elizabeth, Hardy Farm

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