VT Wedding Film Testimonial from The Equinox

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VT Wedding at The Equinox Pond Pavilion, Manchester VT.

My husband and I sat down on a Friday evening thinking we would just watch our feature film but ended up staying up to 2:00am laughing and crying as we watched the entire suite of videos.

Since then we’ve been able to share the films with our families, and its been an equally emotional and joyous experience to see how touched they are as well.

We always knew we wanted an intimate wedding, and it was a priority for us to be surrounded by our closest friends and family. How lucky we are to have found and connected with Meg and Dave who blended so seamlessly into that familial environment. Their genuine kindness, curiosity, creativity, and talent is so evident in the videos they create. We are so grateful to Meg and Dave for giving us the ability to relive the magic of that day! I cannot recommend them highly enough. 

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