The Wentworth, Jackson Wedding Testimonial

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A heartwarming testimonial from a wedding at The Wentworth in Jackson, NH.

Oh my gosh!!!!!! Words cannot express how amazing that movie was :)

I literally started bawling during it.. it was the most amazing thing to see the day unfold again! And you touched me with the wonderful way it was drafted. I cherish having my grandfather and parents on video.. as well as having the opportunity to show it to our children in the future.

Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough.
We are blessed with the beauty that you provided!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Kim

I sometimes have to pinch myself to see if this is real – I just can’t believe I get to do this for a job, and meet such AWESOME people, kind, loving and appreciative people. Its just amazing. Kim and Shawn booked me just one month out, a true blessing in disguise that was the one Saturday in August none of my prior inquiries had booked. I can’t imagine having missed it and the possibility of meeting such a fun group of people!! From the minute I walked in the Amster Suites and could hear (but not see Kim) I knew my smile muscles were going to be hurting that day. She just radiated, such an open and honest person, so thoughtful, and so close to her family, which was really special to see. I can’t say enough about the Langille and Burke families except I really hope to see them all back in Jackson someday :)

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