Nantucket Wedding Adventures! I love Ferry Rides!

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Back on the Nantucket Ferry for another wedding adventure! It’s the end of June. I’m in the thick of it. I think a lot of people have work “seasons” and this is definitely mine. For anyone who has ever worked in the food service industry, you can chuckle when I say, “I’m six tickets deep!”  I’ve filmed 6 weddings in the last few weeks with a lot more to come, so I’m more focused on editing then blogging. We’ve had no shortage of adventure and lots of wild weather mixed in. Here is one quick iPhone photo from a recent trip to Nantucket when we were leaving Hyannis. I just love ferry rides and look forward to heading over to the Vineyard next week for a mid-week elopement film! Huge props to Sandra Costello Photography for putting me in touch with this adorable couple. I will update again soon! For more recent activity of my adventures, be sure to follow along on Instagram!

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