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June 2014 Wedding Adventures! This month started off strong and ended crazy! We logged well over 2K miles on Blanca the Sportsmobile traveling back and forth between Nantucket, Maine and home here in the White Mountains of NH.


I took 20 pages of notes from a wedding we filmed the last weekend in May. Thankfully the garden has been fueling my edit sessions. I’m loving my summer salad lunch breaks! We did ski in early June on Mount Washington. The East Snowfields melted fast but we were able to link 400 feet of soft spring corn snow. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

I had the pleasure of hiking with Meg from LensProToGo (best place to rent gear!) and her adventure mate Brian. Hiking the same mountain a week later and fresh off the Colorado River, Lonely Planet author Carolyn McCarthy visited before wrapping up her North American travels. You may see her face rotating on the top of my blog from our trip to Patagonia when she was updating the Trekking in the Patagonian Andes book.

I flew to St. Martin to assist Shannon of Hoo Films. It’s really helpful to see other wedding filmmakers in action – how they set up for the first look and ceremony, how they approach the reception, their thought process, everyone is so different and I learned a lot. One day we filmed the planes coming in and taking off, and if you have been to St. Martin you know that is actually a major tourist attraction! It was a “hoot” and I am forever grateful for the experience and the hospitality – Thanks Shan  :) 

As soon as I returned I repacked for Nantucket. We were off and running and stopped at the Snap! Wedding headquarters for lunch on our way to Hyannis! The vegan dishes served perfect for a summer afternoon cookout. Awesome food, great friends. We laughed a million times over when Mariah’s husband went to use the hot sauce and it squirted all over Dave! Good thing we had the camper van parked in the driveway as an outfit change was in order!
When filming our first of two Nantucket events I ran into a childhood friend I had not seen in almost 10 years! Scott and I went to high school together and I had no idea he was connected to this group of  friends! Small World!

Brea McDonald Photography is always up for a #vandweller adventure so she came with as we filmed some scenic video around island. We made a quick visit to Soiree Floral to see the team in action putting together centerpieces for their weekend weddings. I love the moment Brea captured of me filming the waves at Galley Beach, thanks Brea :)

When we arrived on Prouts Neck in Maine we went right out filming scenics and ran into Eric and Annie celebrating their two year wedding weekend back where it all happened. You have to see their wedding film – a highlight from 2012! Always fun to run into past couples. The sunset that night was crazy! Everyone came out of the tent to see mother nature on display. Whitney from emilie inc and I definitely took advantage of an amazing moment.

My second trip out to Nantucket I went to see “112 Weddings” that was screening as part of the Nantucket Film Festival before filming another wedding later in the day.

A perfect way to end June was to reconnect with 2013 bride Nicole. We toured her new home and even had the chance to catch up with her parents. I love this family and their story.

After our morning visit with Nicole, we scooted up to Newburyport, MA to meet up with Heather and Matt. A fellow wedding filmmaker, Matt is the man behind LMV Productions and I have the honor of filming his big day 8/23! So excited for these two! Between all the fun moments above were many 18 hour edit days but all films are on track and making great progress. I am going to post a new feature film from an April wedding at Castle Hill in Newport later this week- stay tuned!

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