Hindsight Bride Spills All on Mount Washington Hotel Wedding Film

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Hindsight Bride Gail (and Matt) celebrated one year ago at the Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, NH. It was actually a last minute booking for me and I was in for a huge surprise as their story unfolded on this weekend I will never forget!

I’m so glad Gail agreed to share her hindsight wedding advice with Christie of Hindsight Bride. You can read the full post, here. What are you glad you did? Didn’t? Wish you had done? Hadn’t done? Not worried about? Learn more from Gail.

Now about Christie. How could I not fall in love with a blog that dedicates it’s content to DIY Mountain Brides! By way of the Berkshires, CO, and NC, she now lives in Mammoth Lakes, CA, a place I’ve frequented enough to have two season passes and more then a shoe box full of memories (ask me about my ski film “Echoes from the Valley” 2001). I love Hindsight Bride because it’s the real deal! Right from the brides mouth, not sugarcoated.

“Don’t get me wrong, as a wedding blogger I love all of the pretty eye candy out there, but I’m also thrilled to offer you all something to ground you–to remind you of what is most important, and to encourage you to enjoy the special moments between you and the ones you love best on your wedding day.” – Christie, Hindsight Bride

I wanted to share what Christie had to say about Gail and Matt’s wedding film. When I first read this I realized this is exactly what I’ve wanted to tell people about my services but never had the correct words to say it. Thank you Christie :)

“It’s not like other wedding videos you see on the internet. It’s not a highlight reel per se. It’s not focused solely on hollywood style shots set to music. It’s not like a movie trailer, nor is it like an MTV video. It’s a long video by internet standards (20 minutes,) and there’s lots of talking. But it’s also an instructive piece of work. It’s the real story of Gail and Matt’s day.

Is it beautifully edited? Yes! Does it capture the sweetest moments? Yes! But it also captures the complexity and nuance that don’t always come through in still pictures: like the afternoon wind (typical in the mountains) whipping ceremony readers’ hair into their faces; the bride struggling to remember her vows; and real people dancing with gusto, not from a practiced routine. And you see that these very real, very human moments are OK. It has music, but it also has lots of interviews and speeches. You hear the couple’s story and see the love their families truly feel for them.

These are real people making a real commitment in front of real families. It inspired me to think about the most important aspects of a wedding and remind me that a wedding is much more than a fantastic party. So please watch the whole thing and think about what’s really important on your wedding day and imagine what will bring joy to that moment. Will it be the napkins? The guest favors? The centerpieces? The perfect processional music? Likely not!”

Christie – Mountainside Media

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