Earth Day: Greening Up My Business

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For Earth Day 2012, I am greening up my business practices even more! Solar Powered Wedding Films were introduced in December, as we installed a Grid Tie PV Solar array with ReVision Energy (watch film above, more on them in future posts). Now I am  finding a home for, or recycling old packaging material, DVD’s, cases, etc, and welcoming in a newer method of delivery that will save hours and hours of energy and post production materials for delivery of final wedding films. The end result is a lot less energy consumption to burn, on average 15 DVD’s per wedding (full sets range 3 DVDs x4 sets per couple, plus the DVDs of HD wedding files, and the initial proof DVD!) and a lot LESS material. One USB flash drive = 15 DVDs. The energy to put files on a USB flash drive is minutes vs hours.  I already do all my wedding correspondence, questionnaires, and contracts online, cutting paper and printing. Most couples will opt to skype (zoom) rather then drive to a meeting (since 95% of my couples live 2+ hours from me), saving gas for all involved.

How will you green up your business, life, home, earth for 2012?

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