Earth Day: Greening Up My Business

I was asked to participate in a local Blog Circle by Kristen Reimold Photography with a bunch of NH Photographers, and this months theme is “Earth Day!”  Very fitting for the continued direction my business is heading in. What is a blog circle? Well, when you are done reading my post you can visit Stephanie from Princeton House Photography in Concord, to read up on what “Earth Day” is to her…and so on and so on. The full list is below and each blogger will link to the next person on the list. Funny because I have only met and worked with two photographers on this list (Thea and Meg), so it’s been amazing to view the work from all these other talented Portrait and Lifestyle Photographers here in the Granite State!

For Earth Day 2012, I am greening up my business practices even more! Solar Powered Wedding Films were introduced in December, as we installed a Grid Tie PV Solar array with ReVision Energy (watch film above, more on them in future posts). Now I am  finding a home for, or recycling old packaging material, DVD’s, cases, etc, and welcoming in a newer method of delivery that will save hours and hours of energy and post production materials for delivery of final wedding films. The end result is a lot less energy consumption to burn, on average 15 DVD’s per wedding (full sets range 3 DVDs x4 sets per couple, plus the DVDs of HD wedding files, and the initial proof DVD!) and a lot LESS material. One USB flash drive = 15 DVDs. The energy to put files on a USB flash drive is minutes vs hours.  I already do all my wedding correspondence, questionnaires, and contracts online, cutting paper and printing. Most couples will opt to skype rather then drive to a meeting (since 95% of my couples live 2+ hours from me), saving gas for all involved.  See what “Earth Day 2012” means to other Granite State Business Owners… check out Stephanie from Princeton House Photography first, and she will tell you where to head from there. How will you green up your business, life, home, earth for 2012?

Stephanie Johnson: Princeton House Photography (Concord)
Carey Hough: Carey Hough Photography (Gilmanton)
Michelle: Michelle Heath Photography (Ashland)
Thea: Authentic Eye (Plymouth)
Meg McGovern Hamilton: Rodeo and Co. Photography (Landaff)
Jen: Sunflower Studios (Wolfeboro)
Kristen: Kristen Reimold Photography (Bristol)