Church Landing NH Wedding Video

March weddings are often overlooked, but we had a blast filming at Church Landing in Meredith, NH as the sleet came down. It really made things sparkle and everyone was cozy inside by the fire at the Inns and Spa at Mill Falls.

Hi Meg!

We got the video on Saturday and let me tell you, I had to refrain from calling you right then and there to tell you how great it was. I am really impressed with how well you captured the day AND our personalities. My 15 year old sister was like “man, I thought that was going to suck to watch, but it was wicked fun!”

We absolutely loved all the music you chose! Especially the openning sequence to “it’s the final countdown”. Very cool. That song was the theme of the last month of the wedding, and its brilliant to have it as a reminder in the video. The montage to Ballroom Blitz was amazing as well. Definitely one of my favorite songs, so it was great to have that in there.

Okay, I will say it again, you really out did yourself. The video was amazing…we kept joking around and saying “its like she knows us!”. It was really just great…like the cliche says – we laughed, and we cried! It was just spectacular.

Thanks again and I will follow up soon!

Jamie & Lenny