7 Year Anniversary Wedding Video Testimonial

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Wedding Video Testimonial

This 7 Year Anniversary Wedding Video Testimonial encapsulates what my job is all about.

Little did they know they would end up marrying each other! 7 years later they are now enjoying their wedding film with their children.
“Hi Meg!
We watched our wedding video with the boys for the first time tonight…if for no other reason, it’s crucial to have a wedding video so that your future kids can make fun of you on your 7th anniversary :)  They are 4 and 5 now, and thought “mommy and daddy’s wedding party” was hilarious.

As a serious aside, Ryan’s grandmother passed away a few weeks ago, and seeing her speaking and dancing on the video was wonderful!  Our five year old, Aiden, was especially close to his great-grandmother “Nana B” (she lived here in Winchester) and he bawled when he saw her on the video.  He told me that his tears were “happy but sad tears Mommy.”

As always, thanks for the “happy sad tears” Meg!”

Wedding at The Mount Washington Resort, June 2008

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