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If you haven’t been to the quintessential seaside town of Spring Lake, New Jersey, you are in for a treat. Straight out of central casting for a Hallmark movie, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect setting for this story to unfold.

Favorite moments from the film: Everything. You’ve never seen this many tomatoes or lemons in one table setting! Details aside, and wardrobe changes aside, the toasts and stories from friends and family will leave you feeling like you truly know the couple. Their story almost didn’t happen. Find out why!

I loved when the Maid of Honor sees the bride for the first time, then the loving first look with the father of the bride, followed by the first look with the groom! So many looks! The brides grandparents are a highlight as are all the relationships they share. The magician at the welcome party was phenomenal! Even playing back the video in slow motion I can’t figure out how he pulled off his tricks! This wedding optimizes timeless and classic love.

With Elizabeth Allen Events, Lewis Miller Design, Donna Newman Photography, and more!

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