Simone featured at Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild special exhibit at the MFA

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Happy Birthday Dad 8/10!

I had to bow out of wedding commitments for Aug. 9+10 weekend (but did do a spectacular one on 8.8.08 at the York Harbor Inn) because my dad and my Uncle’s model cars from the 50’s and 60’s were on display at the MFA for a special exhibit on the Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild! It’s not quite wedding material, but I wanted to post a few photos just in case a random groom perusing the web is also a car buff :)

Contestants constructed 1/12 scale, futuristic model “dream cars” from 1937 to 1968. The top scoring models won university scholarship trust funds for their creators, namely – teenage boys and college age young men.  You can see a lot of the designs from yesteryear have made their way into the automotive industry over the last few decades. Many guildsmen went on to work in the automotive industry, design realm or skilled craft work. So much I could write, but I did get goosebumps and was so proud of my dad and uncle’s when I walked in and saw their cars on display!

I didn’t have a good camera – these were done “no flash” (museum policy) with a point and shoot so you won’t get all the detail I had hoped to capture. Click to see full size, then click that image again.

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