Kennebunkport, Maine Multi Year Wedding

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What a slice of history this multi year wedding film collection will become for this family. Filmed over two years due to Covid, I started working with the mother of the groom on a “tribute film” in the summer of 2020 to be shown on the couple’s original wedding date. They kept the original date, location, ceremony, etc…  it was just paired town to immediate family only. Siblings and grandparents.

At that intimate dinner, the mother of the groom surprised the couple with a tribute film. We had gathered videos from most of their guests! It was emotional, to say the least!

The Tribute Film

Fast forward another year to 2021 and the couple was back in Kennebunkport to celebrate with all their family and friends. They did not have a ceremony, but everything else about the day remained the same – a photo shoot followed by their announcement into cocktail hour, a full reception, and a dance party!

2020 Intimate Wedding

The emotional and exciting part for me was when they played the 2020 wedding film for all the guests before the couple was introduced into the ballroom!  So when I edited their 2021 celebration, I was essentially editing a 2020 tribute film, weaved into their 2020 wedding film, weaved into their 2021 wedding! A film within a film within a film! It was a creative challenge but such an amazing collaboration with everyone, I am grateful for the opportunity.

2021 Wedding Celebration

A covid era wedding story documented over the course of two years filmed on location in Kennebunkport, Maine with Trina Dinner Photography and Annie Tracey of  Salty and Sweet Events video thumbnail photo provided by Trina ❤️

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