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It is so rare to literally dance under the stars in New England, but they stole quite a day! Taking the bar exam the week before the wedding (and he just found out he passed!!!) The love felt here is going to make you reach for a tissue – just a warning! Really let the words from this one soak in – it goes to the heart and all you can feel is LOVE 

Thank you Kate’s Table, Catering & Events for the best meal of the summer! I can’t stop thinking of your magical cauliflower pasta dish! with Hingham Greenery, Susan Ryan, Suzanne Domenici Walker Photography,  Mac G Creative and more!

All Music Licensed Through SongFreedom songfreedom.com
Colbie Callait – Brighter Than The Sun (Instrumental)
Ingrid Michaelson – Blood Brothers (Instrumental)
Andrea Marchant – Little Careful Things (Instrumental)
Dream City Orchestra – Pacifico

Aerial evening video clip provided by Jack McCarthy

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