Maine Wedding Film at The Dockside in York, Maine

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This Maine wedding film was filled with love and emotion. “And it might very well Maine that day…” Heartfelt, uplifting, inspiring… “When you walk away from either of them, you wish you could be more like them…” it’s true. When you wait this long to get married, you don’t “have to do it”… so the power and emotion with this story, the love between these two… you can’t escape it.

“Just so moved by your artistry and sensibility, your skill and your keen eye and ear and heart for what matters Most. With love and deepest gratitude…”

Eileen, Bride

How do I even begin to explain the experience I had meeting and documenting Eileen and Randy’s wedding this spring.  Knowing Eileen is a first time bride brings a fresh and unique perspective to documenting the day. It’s so hard to explain, so I’m not going to try to put it in words. The joining of two families, the love from Randy’s children…  I truly hope you watch this film – the many layers to this story are weaved throughout. You will be moved, you will get emotional, you will feel what it’s like to wait over 50 years to find the right life partner. It’s real, it’s tangible, it’s an experience I will personally never forget.

In Eileen’s words…..

“Meg was the final touch added to us as team not 21 days before the event.  Her artwork captures the contributions of us all.  

We love this ‘feature film’.  We are so thoroughly enjoying sharing this “movie in which we are the stars” with friends and family who were and weren’t there.  I love being able to study the dessert table that I hardly saw that day, see Dockside all ours for a day, laugh repeatedly at the memory of Sharon offering me her sleeve in place of a Kleenex that day, hear Carol forecasting the weather that day, see our leader Nicole saying: “and so…. It’s important…” that day, blush with embarrassment when I remember accusing Phil of not using real butter for that day, hear the voice of Christine:  ‘so are we still seeing a soft curl??’ that day, remembering Jess promise us ‘only a few more minutes’ with bare feet in the cold wet grass that day, and…‘The Saints’ are definitely ‘marching’ and with a Celtic violinist at the helm!”

Eileen, Bride

Eileen and Randy’s Wedding Team lead by Nicole Mower Weddings & Events at The Dockside in York, Maine with Jess Jolin PhotographyThe Event Light Pros,  Caroline at Wildfolk Studios, Christine from The Crown Boutique, Lisa at  Cakes for all Seasons, Sperry Tents and East Coast Soul provided entertainment.

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