NH Wedding Venue Camp Huckins Chapel Freedom

Thanks to the generous donation from the family below (Stebbins?) Camp Huckins has a beautiful outdoor chapel for Vespers, Candlelight Ceremony, and now weddings! Maybe all these Nellie Girls will want to get married here? Now it’s a reality! I had a blast seeing camp in action as it’s been 12 years since I was living there. It was my summer home for 10 years! We got to go out on a boat ride to see the Chapel from the lake, I got to sing songs in the dining hall, and met up with some old camp friends to take our “outside area test” at the water front (must tread water for a Huckins Minute, 90 sec, with your hands above water). I had a blast and truly hope I can summer there again in the near future (between weddings of course!) Thanks Jody!