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One of Lauren’s bridesmaids was put on bed rest at the last minute, so even though she was the one who picked out the super fun bridesmaids dresses, she didn’t get her chance to wear it. I felt really bad as her husband Paul was a groomsmen and also in the wedding that day. I always review client footage the day after anyway, so I did my best to get just the ceremony to Lauren and Matt on their way out of town. Here’s what they said:

Hi Meg,

Thank YOU for being so kind, flexible, and such an incredible talent! We are so lucky to have had you film our wedding day. We actually did stop by Paul and Beth’s house this afternoon and we watched the ceremony- it’s hard to believe that was 2 days ago already! We were all amazed by the clarity and awesome footage (they have a 52″ LCD tv, so it was really cool to watch on it!) We LOVED it! Dave got a great shot of post-ceremony from that window!

We are still glowing from our incredible wedding day and the entire weekend. Our family and friends can’t stop gushing, and we can’t wait to see more of our day captured on film!! Thank you so much, also, for getting footage of Matt’s Nana- it means a lot to us!

We’ll talk to you soon!
Lauren & Matt ;)

Image above by the talented Spring Smith

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