Retreat for Female Wedding Filmmakers in Alta, UT

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The POSH Retreat for Female Wedding Filmmakers took place at the Peruvian Lodge in Alta, UT 2017! Our time went too quick… full hearts full head! I got to spend a lot of quality time on and off the slopes learning, laughing, and leading a group discussion on the sales process. Thanks to the Alta Peruvian Lodge for hosting us! I have a long history with Alta dating back to 1999 when I visited a friend working there and a seed was planted for me to create a non traditional ski and snowboard documentary called “Echoes From The Valley” which we ended up premiering at the Alta Peruvian in 2001… many years later, many films later I was back there getting inspired, this time from a nationwide group of amazing friends and colleagues. I can’t wait for POSH 2018!!   A huge thanks and a great deal of respect goes out to Jen Moon of Northernlight Filmworks and Reagan Zugelter of Studio Z Films for masterminding this incredible educational opportunity back in 2010… there are some of us (me!) who have been to ALL annual events since it’s inception! Love you ladies!

PS some of the attendees had never really seen snow! Never been in it, never had a ride up a mountain pass when chains are required, never been “inter-lodged” … It was such an awesome experience to see some of the FL ladies have so much fun in the snow! On a personal note for me, since all the other POSH Retreats have been in the sun and on a beach, it was incredible to finally get to ski with some of my favorite filmmaker friends! A lot of these photos are courtesy of Joanna Banks Morgan of Sixpence Productions in FL.


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