Custom Cake Toppers by Magic Mud

If you are looking to top off your celebration with one final fun detail that can serve as a keepsake for years to come, here it is!

Magic Mud Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers, sculpted to your specifications. Individually handmade, these cake toppers are permanent miniature pieces of art made from clay and are kiln fired to 2000 degrees.

My friend Susie, a stunning and classic young professional, wed Cory, a bodybuilder and personal trainer. As you can see their cake topper was a humorous addition to their already fun and colorful cake.

We kept  the cake topper a secret and our guests LOVED it.  It added a lot of humor to our reception, which is an important aspect of our relationship. Hunter at Magic Mud did a fantastic job  making his “little guys” look like us.  – Susie Stone, Bride

Photos courtesy of: Cris Dow
Cake: Jacques Pastries