Cindy Gravitt Published in EventDV: Recap on IN[FOCUS]

When my EventDV Magazine showed up last week I took one look at the cover and tore into it. I was so excited to read the recap on the IN[FOCUS] Event 2010 from editor Steve Nathans-Kelly. Of course I was = excited when I saw my new friend Cindy’s photos were complimenting the article along with the front cover! She was always on the move snapping memories from the event, which actually was a blessing because so many of us never ended up taking a single shot! She just posted a recap about her experience at IN[FOCUS] and I was really humbled by what she had to say about me. It was because of Cindy, and her generosity sharing her photographs, that I was able to create the first place film. Which you can see below (story=change). Can’t wait to see you again! Thanks Cindy!  All images courtesy of Cindy Gravitt of Gravitt Productions in Texas.