Bachelorette Party: Cashunt – Urban Adventure

Well, we are back from Newport – a day in the sun, lots of laughs, and plenty of “those guys” we were in stiches! It was fun seeing all my sisters friends again and exploring night life with the girls and Newport locals. I think there were about 10 bachelorette parties going on in town that weekend, and a few weddings too.

In communicating with Jess C. upcomming bride at the Mount Washington Hotel,  she shared what her bachelorette party did a few weeks ago in Boston. I want to congratulate her and the girls who remain in first place! It looks like so much fun! Check out

From the website:


When we first met these two teams Team Lee Roy and The Bride and her Biddies we knew these girls were out to win! Both these teams were so competitive that they almost aced the CASHUNT which has never happened in the history of this game. Also they both set new high scores for the season b&hb had a score of 11,175 and team lee roy came in with 11,750 which set a new  high score for the season and top seed for the championship. This game was a “nail biter” to the end and that is the esscence of what a CASHUNT is all about. Cheers!”

Jess C's Bachelorette Party