Bethel Inn Wedding Video

Wedding Videos in Maine at the Bethel Inn are a blast. The staff does an incredible job. Jill and Dan were married 6/27/09 .Dan and I lived in the same dorm at UNH so he knew who I was when they spotted me filming a wedding in Jackson, NH last year, then found me online! I love how that happened!
“I know I gushed before, but honestly, Dan and I are so happy with the finished product and I’m beyond happy we got a video. It’s perfect and you did an amazing job! (I had complete confidence in you though, after watching all the footage from your site!) What a lucky day it was that we were driving to the Eagle Mountain House (it wasn’t even an option for the venue, we had some extra time and I wanted to show it to Dan!) and on our way back there you were!”

Jill’s grandmother wrote a poem describing the engagement, that she recited during cocktail hour, and it set the stage for a great opening sequence that followed with sound bites from other family members, telling how their story unfolds.

“We showed some friends the video Friday night and they said they wished they had seen it before they got married (two years ago), they would have had one done too! I’m so glad that we have it. 🙂 Thank you so much!!”

This is the end of the ceremony, through the receiving line and photo shoot, into cocktail hour. Couples choose the music, and this fit their personalities just perfect!

Venue: The Bethel Inn
Photographer: Andree Kehn
Florist: Designs in Bethel Maine