Wedding Photographer On Snow Adventure at Bretton Woods

Bretton Woods Wedding Vendors, Adventures On The Slope from meg simone on Vimeo.

The last few weeks have been crazy busy! I came back from the 2012 IN[FOCUS] video event which was in Charleston, SC this year (more on that soon), and hit the slopes with Spring Smith Studios and Kat Hanafin Photography. Nothing short of laughs and beautiful views, the day went by way to fast. I have to say getting out to play with industry professionals is one of my favorite things because we get to know each other as people which then translates to tons of fun at your wedding!  We have a good rapport, can easily bounce ideas off each other and work with each other, not in our own little world. I’m so glad to finally spend “face to face” time with Kat, although I have to thank “facebook” (and Spring) for bringing us together. I also learned a ton about Spring that I didn’t know which has me even MORE excited because I have the privilege of filming her wedding this July! To me this is a huge honor and I can’t wait to capture her story! It’s so awesome! What would life be like if she didn’t get on that plane (or MySpace)….?  If you want to see her engagement photos, check out Justin & Mary Marantz engagement shoot of Spring and Silas in front of the lens. We must do this again soon!  Who will the next on snow adventure be with? You will have to wait and see!  (PS Shot on my point and shoot, nothing fancy, just fun!)