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As an alumni of Camp Huckins in Freedom, NH, I can’t believe summer “camp” season has come to a close and kids around the region are back to school! A few weeks ago I spent the morning at my old summer stomping grounds, YMCA Camp Huckins in Freedom, NH. I was there to take photos for the director to use in her new camper slideshow. I went around to the different instructional periods, craft shop, sports field, waterfront, small crafts… they even have Stand Up Paddleboards now!  Walking around under the tall pines on the shore of Lake Ossippe is pretty magical.  As I viewed camp through my camera lens I noticed what truly has not changed in 70+ years… the carefree smiles on campers faces, the songs they sing along the path to the dining hall walking arm and arm, cart girls, salad bar, words of encouragement, friendship bracelets in the craft shop, and all the fun quirky inside sayings at morning flag. Huckins friends are life long friends, forever, steadfast and true.


For every wedding, Meg donates $50 towards a camper scholarship at Camp Huckins for girls. Meg attended Camp Huckins for 10 years and knows how impactful the summer camp experience can be for cultivating confidence and leadership skills in young women.

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