Church Landing Wedding in Meredith, NH

This love story didn’t exactly start on Lake Winnipesaukee for Stacey and Matt, but my friendship with her and Church Landing did. I filmed a wedding there the first year they were open, and soon after we met. She’s a face and a name I’m sure many readers know as the Catering Sales Manager at Mill Falls. She has executed hundreds of weddings, and I’m always so impressed with her genuine care and enthusiasm as she guides couples through their day…but, it was her turn to walk in those heels!

I believe it was Emmy and Eric’s August 2011 wedding and I was getting some detail shots in the ballroom when Stacey told me she met the man she was going to marry! Jogging my memory I said,”Wait, didn’t I have lunch with you and Hillary a few months ago and you weren’t seeing anyone?” You’ll have to watch the film to find out more!

From a personal note her wedding was like old home week… Ed Charest preformed the ceremony, his laughter contagious as always. This time his emotion and personal connection to the couple caused all of us to choke up. Lynne and Leslie from Ladd Hill Gardens literally came out of retirement for this event. No joke! So cute to see them! Hemlocks Confections did the cake, and Geoff Cunningham father of Elizabeth the Maid of Honor did the ceremony music. I first met DJ Pat Tecce at Church Landing years ago but we quickly discovered he is related to some of my family friends and the resemblance gets me every time. He didn’t disappoint and the dance floor was ridiculously packed…if you look close you will see wedding pros turned friends, as The Hinkleys (Matt and Liz of Hinkley Photo) put the camera down for the last hour of the night to toast Stacey and Matt along side Stacey’s former co worker Kali Foley (also recently wed, The Hinkleys did her photos too!) From long time bartender Andrew (and 2008 groom), to Holly, Gail, and team, the longevity of staff members, upper management, and servers goes to show what a fun and hospitable environment this is not only to work in daily, but to choose to celebrate in. I’ll let you learn more about their story by watching it unfold below. Thank you Stacey and Matt for allowing Dave and I the honors.

Be sure to peak at their wedding photos by The HinkleysEngagement Session here… and Wedding Day here!