We Create

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“We Create” was born from an energy that surrounded the 42 women who attended POSH retreat. It was an idea voiced by Maura Coleman-Murray of Creative Video in Kansas City and Kara Jensen of Kara Jensen Films in Sisters, Oregon.

What did I have to do with this? I was the editor.

“This past August, I was moved by a PSA that I saw on David Perry’s blog. It is a powerful piece about the importance of wedding videography.  Two months later, here I am on this boat with 42 amazing WOMEN filmmakers! David’s film is still in my head and my roommate Kara and I start talking about how great it would be to somehow show the world that we are doing amazing work in this industry, too. We wanted this PSA to have a positive message about who we are as women filmmakers. It was completely a collaborative project. Here is this great group of women filmmakers, willing to give up half of a day IN THE BAHAMAS to participate in this vision with us. We have a strong voice to share with the World, a unique point of view women have as storytellers and event filmmakers.” – Maura Coleman-Murray
“The words that we choose in the making of the film is what we believe women bring to filmmaking: intuitive, emotional, sensitive, etc. We hope to inspire other women to use there natural intuition and believe in themselves to forge ahead in this male dominated field, confidently.” – Kara Jensen

As women I think we see things from a bit more emotional and feminine point of view. This helps us when filming events and making the bride feel like she is hanging out with an old friend. I think during the edit process we can easily relate to that bride and edit for the emotion.

42 dedicated women filmmakers and photographers.
Five sparkling days in the Bahamas.
One powerful message: We Create.

Shot on location at POSH 2010, “We Create” was directed by Maura Coleman-Murray and Kara Jensen, filmed by Maribeth Ratajczyk and Luiza Perkowska, and edited by Meg Simone. All 42 POSH 2010 attendees collaborated on the piece.