Winter Weddings at the Mount Washington Resort 2

I filmed two weddings in February at the Mount Washington Resort just two weeks apart, both with different start times. Emily + Wes (2/7/09) chose the ultimate hour for that week, 5pm. When she walked around the veranda of the hotel into the center doors of the Conservatory the deep blue sky painted such a mystical winter backdrop. It was beyond ideal (see sample Conservatory video). They went for a sleigh ride after the ceremony and then did photos outside under the hotel entrance and on the front veranda (inside formals were done too). In contrast, Kristina + Rahm (2/21/09) opted for a 4pm start time. Most of their guests (as you can learn from the Highlight Clip in the previous post) went skiing, dog sledding, and still had time to get ready – remember with high speed quads, what used to be a full day of skiing, can be accomplished in a half day no sweat. They wanted to be able to take photos outside with the sweeping mountain vistas, so they still had a good half hour of daylight/twilight before night set in.

Both ways work great, it just depends on your preference, what the hotel can accommodate, and what look and feel you are going for. Emily + Wes love candles and the romance of winter. They had a lot of ambient light and candle light surround them for the ceremony. Kristina and Rahm were in the conservatory during a time where the natural light from outside poured in so it really lit up the room in a different way. Why is this important to know? The sun goes down a bit early because it ends up behind the mountains a lot faster then if you were down South, and can mean an additional loss daylight. Have a look at the Conservatory Sample, to see the difference and figure out what time works best for you. Password for the videos: 2010