Where will you honeymoon?

I just got back from a vacation with fellow wedding filmmaker Larisa Graham Films out of Vail, CO. We did a whirlwind tour of Stockholm and Iceland, 4 days each. Totally wild! If you are looking for a quick place to honeymoon, there are easy direct flights to Iceland from BOS and only a five hour time difference which makes coming home a breeze. Leave at 5pm arrive back to Boston by 6pm. Icelandic Air has a stopover feature so if you are going further east, you can take advantage of an extended layover and adventure. Four days didn’t even scratch the surface, so I’m already noodling on how I can go back… SOON.  Another super adventurous honeymoon idea I just learned about is called Magical Mystery Tours! If you are done planning “one more thing” for your wedding, consider booking your honeymoon with them. They don’t spin the globe and throw a dart, they handcraft based on your profile and interests. The way I look at it, worse case scenario, it will be a VERY memorable honeymoon experience… and if all else fails, you can come home and book a trip to Iceland.