When A Loved One Passes: A Jackson Wedding Testimonial

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Very grateful for this touching wedding testimonial.

…she had the time of her life with her family that weekend, and we will treasure our film even more so now. Thank you for being so insightful and filming Nana Rose as much as you did. “

– Lauren, 5/4/11 after the passing of Matt’s Nana

I remember when I first met Lauren at the J-Town Deli in Jackson Village to talk about her wedding, and sitting here to type this blog post it doesn’t seem possible that we started communicating over two years ago and that her one year anniversary is a 2 weeks away. They were engaged at Nestlenook and tied the knot in the Jackson Community Church with festivities after at Whitney’s Inn. It’s a great feeling for me to know people appreciate the beauty of this area enough to create so many memories here. I met them at the Nestlenook on New Years Day 2010 to take their engagement photos and we filmed their wedding on May 22, 2010.  My condolences to Lauren and Matt for the passing of Matt’s Nana. She was so cute in the film.

“To say that hiring you was worth it, is an understatement. Every time I watch our video highlight and vows, I relive that magical day all over again. It means the world to us to have that moment in our lives on video, captured forever.” – January 28, 2011

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