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Continuing education is so important in this industry. Technology is forever changing and since many of us work alone it’s the one time of the year we can come together to talk shop and learn from others.  This past winter I attended two events. The IN[FOCUS] Gathering in New Orleans, and Field Trip in Santa Barbara. I’m so excited IN[FOCUS] 2015 is going to be back in Charleston, SC. If you are a fellow filmmaker reading my blog, click over and read up on the event. I can not express how much IF has revolutionized my business and my life. I’ve been attending since the first one in 2010 (only missing LA in 2013), and the friendships and knowledge gained mean the world to me. Access to private forums, Facebook groups, educational livestreams, and more, I utilize this knowledge base to learn and grow on a weekly basis.

*** Female Filmmakers looking for educational opportunities, POSH Retreat is November 3-7 2014 on a Cruise Ship! Don’t miss this opportunity to spend serious time with a top line up of presenters from around the country! Sign up ends soon!



I also won a Lucent Award for “Best Picture” with a wedding I filmed in MA last summer. The Lucent Awards are a celebration of the independent storytelling spirit. A time to honor those who have inspired, provoked, and entertained as they continue to light the way for our industry. I was humbled to win this two years in a row.

Field Trip on the other hand was a photographer event. They did have a few offerings specific for filmmakers but  that wasn’t my reason for going. I was intrigued to sign up by Michelle Gardella who photographed Brea McDonald’s wedding. Brea and I are great friends and we decided to bunk together at Field Trip and make the journey out to CA. We stayed in this adorable cabin in Santa Barbara at the El Capitan Campground. I would classify this as a “glamping” excursion – glamor/camping.  Yurts, platform tents and cabins… and lots of rain. CA needed it so we all embraced it. The format for Field Trip was right up my alley – very camp like as you can see from the tents and picnic tables. My favorite class was Guillaume Wolfs  Psychographics and Sonja Rasula’s DIY Marketing. The one filmmaking course I did take was offered by The Cana Family of Filmmakers. During meal time I would sit wherever there was a seat. How fun I went clear across the country to meet someone I have been seeing grace the pages of Maine Magazine this past year plus – Greta Rhybus!

Both experience were worth the investment – and continuing education is just that – an investment in your business and your future.



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