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This Shining Tides Wedding in Mattapoisett, MA was special for many reasons. Not only did the brides parents meet on Cape Cod, the couple both sailed in the same circle when they were younger. They “officially” met in December 2010 in Boston but their paths had crossed for a long time before.

“We used to race against each other in youth sailing on Buzzards Bay and also both sailed in college (he was at Brown, I was at Harvard) so sometimes ended up at the same parties. A funny coincidence, when we were 13/14, Ben was supposed to sail in a regatta but hurt his knee the day before the event so a few phone calls were made through cousins and friends and I ended up sailing in Ben’s place! It took us a few months of dating to put it all together but I think it’s really cute.” I agree, these two are adorable in every way!

Elizabeth Lutz Design and Sayles Livingston Flowers with Entertainment by Stinger Band – NYC and Kevin Trimmer Photography.  Russell Morin Catering and Events and Sperry Tent.

“The feature film is absolutely amazing; you told OUR story perfectly and seamlessly spun so many beautiful moments together.  Each time I watch the main video I am in awe of how many smiling faces you included and how you condensed so many hours into 21 minutes.  You are ridiculously talented!  We love the narrative and are so very appreciative of how true you were to our wishes of what was important to us in the video (allowing the speeches & ceremony to provide most of the audio, grandparents, the happiness and life of our guests, laughter, etc).  You also picked such amazing music!  Absolutely perfect selections, I love the Aloha song especially.  And there are so many gems in the additional footage, we’ve had such fun reliving our memories and getting to see the moments that we weren’t participants in for the first time!  Personally, I have LOVED re-watching the getting ready footage, as it is really special to see my family and best friends in a place so dear to us all.  The ceremony will always be very special (so perfect!  so us!) and of course the dancing is an overdose on happy & hilarity.  You and Dave were everywhere all day/night long!

It wasn’t until experiencing our wedding day and seeing the beautiful video footage that I was able to truly appreciate how video is the perfect medium to capture the vivacity of a day so overflowing with celebration, relationships, and emotion.  Our families, Ben, and I are so incredibly thankful to have had you there to give us the privilege of reliving our happy day.  And I am sure that as time goes on the videos will only become more precious and we are looking forward to watching it all again…and again…and again in the years and life we have ahead of us.  And did I mention that we had such fun meeting you & having you be a part of our special day?!  You are awesome.” – Megan, the Bride

Music Licensed through SongFreedom: Aloha (Instrumental and Vocal) by Kim Edwards
Coral and Anchors Instrumental – Caleb Lovely
Gone, Gone, Gone (Instrumental and Vocal) – Phillip Phillips
Licensed through Triple Scoop Music:
Differently (Instrumental) – Kat Parsons

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