Red Sox Theme Wedding

Less then 12 hours after I mailed out the biggest “Red Sox Theme Wedding” DVD ever (to Lori + David 8/23/08) I found myself at the biggest Yankees Theme wedding ever (10/25/08)! Don’t ever let these two couples meet!  Here are the opening credits – and incase you are interested the font that looks like the Red Sox is called “BoSox”. Andree Kehn was their photographer and she has some great shots on her blog of the wedding as well. I’ll be posting more clips as they are uploaded.  Chris Proulx did an awesome job filming this one which made it a blast to edit 🙂 Lori and Dave hit a Grand Slam Home Run with the weather, their friends and family, details, and FUN! The wedding took place on Moosehead Lake, the ceremony on The Katahdin in the middle of the lake!

Red Sox Nation: David + Lori’s Wedding Opening Day! from meg simone on Vimeo.