Racing with the Moon: Week 1 – Shawnee Peak

Last Wednesday started our weekly night race series at Shawnee Peak called Racing with the Moon. I’ve been doing this now for about 5 years and it’s a blast! We lost two racers to work commitments this year but at the last minute were able to recruit a talented ski racing and dodge ball duo, Samantha and Kyle Warren. You may recognize Sam’s name from Lani and Steve’s wedding on 08.08.08. Thanks to Sam I was able to capture their very meaningful day but = as important I got to know Sam. Thanks to FaceBook and Twitter others in the ski racing community urged Kyle to jump on board.  These two are no strangers to ski racing, and we are definitely in a position to take team “In 5th Place” up a notch this season… we are already hearing talk of “Rounding 4th” or “Nearing 3rd”. The alumni of this years team are so psyched to have Sam and Kyle and we all admitted that if this is how they preform after a decade hiadus from ski racing, WATCH OUT as the weeks go on! (No Pressure)

Team: Kevin Killourie (Badger Realty), Don Chase III (Wildcat Service Station), Peter Eiermann (Eli-Phant), Dave Eiermann (Dave Eiermann Woodworking), Meghan Simone (ME), Samantha Warren (Samantha Warren Weddings), Kyle Warren (Sam’s Husband)

Racing With The Moon – Week 1 from meg simone on Vimeo.