The funniest feel-good film of the summer! The Real Schmoopy – They met on Tinder and rhymes for days! Filmed at the BPL

Who is Schmoopy? It’s official, you are both Schmoopy. The funniest feel-good film of the summer! You are going to fall in love with this cast of characters just like you did Elaine, Jerry, Kramer, and George.

This day was extra special for me because I filmed Stafford’s sister wedding at the Mount Washington Resort about six years ago! It’s so fun to reconnect and witness another chapter in their family history.

You have to check out Snap Weddings write up and photos here!  If Kramer could comment on Snaps photos he would say “Giddyup!” Elaine would say “Get Out” and Bania would say to Jerry “That’s gold Jerry, GOLD!”   Plus you can see some behind the scenes of us working! I love that Trish and Mariah post the play by play and tips on how to make the most of your wedding day photos … plus behind the scenes too!

Boston Public Library Wedding Film of The Real Schmoopy with …
Foret Design Studio
Alexa at ZenaRose hair studio
CZone Entertainment
The Catered Affair at the BPL