On the fence about a wedding film?

On the fence about a wedding film? This blog post from a non-filmmaker brings some incredible points to the table. Meet Lucinda Wesson the mastermind behind Chocolate Creative Design in CT.  Her story details dusting off the VHS tape and crying until there weren’t any more tissues in the house. Recognizing that people come and go and friends come and go. Watching the magic of the day unfold with her 9 year old son, and realizing this, her wedding film,  is priceless.  Her story is well worth reading and sharing; just click here to see the full version.

My friend and fellow videographer, Nancy Fleming said, “It’s really true that the years are what adds value to video. More Years = More value!” Filmmaker Nan Grenier  of Classic Filmworks commented, “I was just thinking the other day, what if you found an old trunk in the attic and it contained not photos but a wedding FILM of your great grandparents complete with sound, how amazing would that be?!”

You will see more of Lucinda’s work come to life in Spring Smith Studios very own wedding film…. stay tuned, it’s coming to the blog in one week!