NH Weddings vs Black Flies

Who Wins? Well, sometimes the black flies… but if you are coming up for a wedding and you want to head into some more wooded scenic spots for time with your photographer, you may want to put some after bite in your pocket like Groom Dave did on 6/1/10. I can also provide you with some organic all natural bug oil for the bride to put around her ankles or on her wrists, dabbing like perfume. It actually smells really nice and since it’s all natural, I wear it all the time in the summer. When filming your outside wedding during black fly season I do my best to repel bugs off the camera, but there is no guarantee. There are plenty of places to go that are relatively bug free, and if we get a good breeze on any given day, it’s not much of an issue. Just be warned though, I can’t say you won’t get a nibble from those little black flies. Tip courtesy of www.nhelopements.com