NH Wedding Video DVDs

What do your wedding DVD’s look like of your NH Wedding Video? Often times if the photographer is willing I will ask for permission to use some of their imagery. I also like to tie in aspects from your wedding invitations, or save the dates. Karly & Seth’s wedding was at The Margate on Lake Winnipesaukee. The bridge was a symbolic part of their relationship, and was featured on their invitations. We stopped by after the ceremony for a photo shoot. The birds were also taken from the program design, which I think fit perfect for a border. ¬†This is YOUR wedding, so I want the entire package to reflect you – from the font choice, and colors, to the design. Linda Jennings, (Photography by Linda) provided the image of them by the bridge. Linda did an amazing job and you can see more photos of Karly and Seth on her blog, here. The top two left images are from DVD menus, and the top right from the DVD cover. The bottom two images are where I grabbed the images from.