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Andrea Hood: 9/12/09

In my opinion, EVERYONE should have their wedding filmed! Pictures are great, but they only capture the “frozen” moment…. with a wedding video you can see the real thing happening in real time! It is beautiful to be able to watch your wedding day over again, especially since Meg does it so perfectly!

Ellie & Hannu: 6/13/09

If you are looking for a videographer that captures your personalities and the true essence of your wedding day, then Meg Simone is the videographer for you. Her warm personality makes you feel very comfortable and at ease. From start to finish, she did the most wonderful job. I was so impressed with all her editing work. Everything was so creative down to the music selection which was very meaningful to our wedding. Meg was so organized, professional and was great to work with. We couldn’t be happier with the end result, it truly captured the special moments of our wedding day!

Jess & Dave: Mt. Washington Hotel, 6/28/08

Working with Meg was a wonderful experience! From the beginning we enjoyed working with her. Any time we emailed with a question, she wrote a detailed response soon after, often suggesting things we hadn’t thought of that would make our video and process better and easier. She was also very accommodating to our specific needs throughout the whole process.

On the wedding day, she caught all the important shots but was also out of sight for the most part – meaning she wasn’t in the way and people who have since watched the video say they didn’t even notice the filming, which is key when you’re hosting a big wedding. Overall, we enjoyed working with Meg very much, have recommended her to several of our engaged friends and would use her ourselves at future events!

Kate & Mike: Church Landing , 10/4/08

Just…WOW. ¬†Meg, you are truly an artiste, my dear. The video is nothing short of incredible. The way you tied the music in, the background voices, the split scenes, the interviews, it’s amazing! We’ve all been crying & laughing for two days watching & re-watching it over & over!!! What a gift you have. I think my favorites are (she lists…) OH MY GOD those parts took my breath away & of course made me a puddle! I cannot believe the moments you captured so perfectly. You’ve created the most amazing memories for us and we will have them forever.

A few days later:
Oh my gosh, Meg! I still just can’t get over how gifted & creative you are. Your video makes it seem like this amazingly unique & romantic movie that no one has ever seen before!!! I’m just so impressed at how talented you are, girl. We have watched it like 50 times!!!

Jess & Dave: Mt. Washington Hotel, 6/28/08

This video proves one thing – you love your job. You can just tell that you put so much into it. We really love it and hope that more of our friends get married so you can film them! After our first preview, Dave stated that this was the best spent money on the whole wedding …. We really love it a lot and cannot wait to show our parents the final version!!


Jess & Dave: Mt. Washington Hotel, 6/28/08

Hi Meg,
My husband and I saw the video of Jess and Dave’s wedding day on Saturday. It is so fabulous!!!! You are totally amazing!!!!! What a gift you have. I have never seen anything like it. You captured the day in such an amazing way.

Thank you so much.
Marsha Roy

Amanda and Ryan: Mt. Washington Hotel, 6/21/08

I’m crying in my office right now…It’s weird, you are in such a daze on your wedding day. I do remember you coming into the bridal suite for a few minutes, but I had no idea that you were filming me during those moments (especially the emotional ones!). I’m glad I didn’t, I don’t look self-conscious or anything-all thanks to your unobtrusive style!

Thanks Again,

Amanda and Ryan: Mt. Washington Hotel, 6/21/08

Later in the week:
So, we had the “viewing Party” with my family on Sat. night. They loved it!! My Mom is ready to reserve you in advance for my sisters’ weddings (and they are not engaged!).

Ryan initially thought a videographer was an unnecessary expense, or at least one that we could try to trim from the budget. He has now, however, become the most vocal advocate for having a videographer, you in particular! Every person who has watched the video has commented that they were unaware of your presence most of the time, which I think is the ultimate compliment to you (not that you aren’t a very nice woman to be around!). Furthermore, Ryan said that there were numerous times throughout the day when something needed to be done and Dave volunteered to carry items, or otherwise help out. Thank you both!

Yesterday was three months since the wedding, and a lot of the details of the day have already become blurry. You caught so many touching or funny moments that would have otherwise been forgotten.

Thank you so much,

Jamie & Lenny: Church Landing, 3/8/08

Hi Meg!
We got the video on Saturday and let me tell you, I had to refrain from calling you right then and there to tell you how great it was. I am really impressed with how well you captured the day AND our personalities.

Okay, I will say it again, you really out did yourself. The video was amazing…we kept joking around and saying “its like she knows us!”. It was really just great…like the cliche says – we laughed, and we cried! It was just spectacular.

Jamie & Lenny

Amber & Chris: Inn at Thorn Hill, 6/23/07

Hi Meg,
We just watched the video and it was AWESOME!!! I cried from the first few minutes all the way to the end. Good call on the tissues – I really didn’t think I would need them. We absolutely loved it and thought it was perfect (PS-thanks for using all of our songs in the longer film, that made it so much more special). We can’t wait to show it to all of our friends and family, whether they want to see it or not. Definitely didn’t feel too long. We felt like we could have easily watched another 2-3 more hours. We were truly sad when it was over…

Thanks again for all that you have done for us. We are so happy that we decided to have a videographer and we feel so lucky that we found you!

Chris and Amber

Nora & John: Mt. Washington Hotel, 2003

Thanks again. Really! It was the best decision we made to hire you to do this.

Nora & John Urdi

Cheryn Bastable Byron: Mt. Washington Resort, 8/16/08

Hi Meg!
I checked out all of the clips, and they are AMAZING! I love the way you used the songs we selected….and how you edited everything. It’s so fun seeing all the things you captured that I missed or forgot about. I can’t wait to see the whole video! In the mean time, I’ll share the clips with my friends.

Thanks so much for sharing them!

Sarah & Tom: Edgcombe, Maine, 8/2/03

Dear Meghan,
Tom and I want to thank you so much for your amazing work videoing our August 2nd wedding in Maine. We were nervous about having a videographer there, but you fit right in, put our guests at ease and caught everyone in their natural light. It is precious to have this record of our special day. The music, editing, and organization-the whole production came out so impressive. We loved how you used our music throughout the video! You were so much fun to work with and we truly enjoyed having you at our wedding. We especially loved the little interviews with many of our guests, and they appreciated the chance to put on record a wedding day message for us. Thank you again Meghan! If you ever need a reference please send people our way, as we would love to recommend your services to anyone considering having a videographer.

Sincerely, Sarah and Tom Keblin

Suzie & Rick: Jackson, NH, 5/24/05

Thank you for sharing your time and our wedding with us. The day was the most important in our lives and it meant everything to us to be surrounded by good friends and family. All the hard work you did on that day allows us to relive and share our day with other family and friends. Your work is simply amazing – It was more then we ever expected!!

Suzie & Rick

Kim & Ted: Jackson, NH, 2004

Thank you for capturing our wedding day on video. You did an excellent job capturing the special moments and the little things that we missed during the busy day. Your flexibility and professionalism were very much appreciated. We wish you much success in the future.

Best Wishes.
Kim & Ted