NH Brides Reconnect because of Church Landing Wedding Video Clip

Last week I was definitely touched by this comment below from April ’08 bride, Stephanie. I had no idea the impact of sending a sample wedding clip last September. It’s such a small world, and I’m SO excited that Stephanie and Jamie have reconnected 🙂

Jamie Writes 9/12/08:

Wow! You do beautiful work! Thanks for sharing the clips. The wedding you shot last April, at Church Landing, with Steph and Andrew, was a great clip to send me. Steph and I were very good friends in high school, and although we’ve lost touch over the years, it was nice to see her, her new hubby, and her wedding party (as I was friends with many of them in highschool as well). How ironic?!

Stephanie Writes 4/7/09:

We’ll definitely see you at the S_/S_ wedding! I’m one of her bridesmaids, and we kind of reconnected because of you! We were very very close in high school and lost touch over the years. I guess she was considering you for her video and when you sent her a sample of your work, it was our wedding!

Stephanie’s wedding is the featured April clip below!