New England Wedding Video

Well, now that it’s officially fall, it’s time to recap the last two months (read re-cap of early 2009 here).   After learning about the bride and groom’s story, it is always fun to finally see the families come together. I love the adventure of being a documentarian as the wedding day is the one day all the most important people in couples lives are in one place, and it’s my job to capture it all. It’s un-scripted… it’s as “reality TV” as it gets. There are no second takes and no re-dos. There were many occasions during each of the weddings below I drove away from the party saying, “Wow, that would have been a shame not to have that on film,”  referring to a toast, a special moment with a grandparent, or an ailing relative. For me it’s about the people and the memories… preserving them for years and generations to come.

*click links for clips: Some of the stand out, top notch vendors I worked with during the 2nd half of 2009 were of course the girls at Church Landing. Stacey and Hilary took care of so many details and behind the scenes planning that I’m sure most brides agree their day went that much smoother because  another set of eyes was focused on their event. I saw mostly Live Bands for August and September, but I have to hand it to DJ Ernie from  Loco Motion DJ’s for spinning one of the most intense dance parties I’ve ever witnessed 8/1 at The Wentworth. DJ Judy always adds a personal touch with her incredible voice as she sang “At Last” for Sarah + Aaron on 8/22.  I think the most professional “dancing” came from Diana and Andy 8/15 – as she is a professional dancer! Have you seen anyone ball room to “Just Dance” – me neither! And it was UNREAL! Jeff from The Holy Cow Band also DJ’s and he had a great way of mixing tunes to make sure the party never stopped. I haven’t even touched on the talents of photographers Bharat Parmar, Tim Shellmer,  Emilie Inc, and Authentic Eye, all with a different style and approach that fit each couple just perfect. Ironically most of the other weddings were family friends or say, an ESPN photographer on their day off! Stay tuned in coming weeks for more clips on weddings from throughout this summer, as I don’t always get to post until the couple has seen the clip first (take into account honeymoon time). So a huge “Thank You” goes out to:
8/1: Shawn + Kim | Wentworth Inn Jackson
8/7: Michele + Adam | Church Landing
8/11: Louise + Jay | Beachmere Inn – Ogunquit, ME
8/15: Min + Dan | Christmas Farm Inn (with Kelly)
8/15: Diana + Andy | Church Landing
8/22: Sarah + Aaron | Great Glen Trails
8/28: Christine + John | Church Landing
9/6: Thia + Mike | Castle in the Clouds + Church Landing
9/12: Andrea + Alan | Atkinson Country Club
9/17: Rebecca + Matthew | Pinkham Notch (private ceremony)
9/19: Rachel + Zach | Castle in the Clouds (with Kelly)
9/19: Jamie + Joe | White Mountain Hotel
9/25: Perry | White Mountain Hotel (private ceremony)
9/25: Bill + Elizabeth | Eagle Mountain House (small ceremony)
9/26: Colin + Rebecca | Country Club of Pittsfield, MA
10/9: Jennifer + Jason | Andover Country Club
10/10: Brock Bar Mitzvah | Church Landing
10/17: Carolyn + Volker | Whitney’s Inn, Jackson
more late fall/early winter! Stay tuned!